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January 28, 2007


Rich Karlgaard

1. I once ran 52 miles, from Palo Alto, CA, to the Pacific Ocean and back. The route rises from 200 feet in Palo Alto to a Santa Cruz Mountain pass at 1,600 feet ... then back down to sea level at San Gregorio beach. I completed the run in 7 hours.

2. Among jobs held AFTER I graduated from college: fry cook, dishwasher, security guard, temporary typist. So much for a political science degree.

3. I dated Miss North Dakota (1974) a few times. She concluded I was a dweeb. She was correct.

4. My daugher, Katie (who prefers to spell her name Catie) is the fastest girl sprinter in her junior high school (Valley Christian, San Jose). The second speediest is the daughter of an NFL Hall of Famer, Mike Singletary of the great 1980s Chicago Bears, and now an assistant coach of the S.F. 49ers. Both of our kids -- the other one is Peter ("The Rock" ... built like one, too) -- are adopted. I take no credit for their God-given gifts.

5. My wife, Marji, was a two-term elder at our church, Menlo Park Presbyterian. Even so, she is pretty and sexy. Now I'll shut up.

Ed Brenegar

My 5 things are over at my Leading Questions blog. Here's the link - http://edbrenegar.typepad.com/leading_questions/2007/02/five_things_you.html

Thanks Greg.

Linda Curtis

Hi Greg, I got tagged by Ed Brenegar. What fun! I would have never known you were here if you didn't tag him and he didn't tag me. Nice to meet you.

Linda Curtis

Oops! I forgot here's my link

Greg Stielstra

Nice to meet you too Linda. I'm assuming from the reference to Rocky Top in your 5 Things post that you also live in Tennessee.

Any friend of Ed's is a friend of mine. GS

Linda Curtis

Actually, I live in NC, in the same town as Ed. I'm from Brooklyn,NY which makes my love of Rocky Top a little odd. It does explain the polka though. BTW, have you ever heard anyone sing Rocky Top with a B'klyn accent before? Yeah, you haven't missed anything.:)

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