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January 04, 2006


Bill Houlehan

this inventory is in my KC whse. it is about 11 truckloads-

I just wanted to show an inventory we just purchased-
this inventory is in my KC warehouse- they are packaged in plain boxes either white or brown- all new

Following Drills & Bit Loader Screwdriver sets (see pictures attached)
1. M52069 44,000 quantity Bit Shooter with Cartridges 1,2,3,4 (each plastic bit shooter cartridge holds 6 tool bits) Your Cost $3.00
the 4 tool bit shooter cartridges each has 6 tool bits = 24 tool bits (picture attached above) (20 per case) We also have an infomercial tape that I can email you
with Billy Mays demonstrating this inventory and selling them at $19.95.

2. M12072 47,000 quantity 7.2 Cordless Drill with charger 120 Volt/ 60 Hz (2 tool bits included) (10 per case) Your Cost $5.00 (Retail Sleeve)

3. M10546 4,800 18 volt cordless drill with hard plastic case 120 Volt/ 60 Hz (14 tool bits included) (5 per case) Your Cost $7.00
let me know if you want to see pictures of ones listed below?
#1 (MVC-001S pic above) 2,496 pcs- Bit Shooter in Retail Package Hard Case includes 24 bits $6.00

#2 (MVC-002S pic above) 479 pcs- Blister Retail Pkg Bit Shooter- 24 bits $5.00

#3 (MVC-003S pic above) 635 pcs - 18 volt Cordless Drill in Retail box $12.00

#4 (MVC-004S pic above) 336 pcs- Black Hard Case Bit shooter with 36 bits $6.50

#5 (MVC-005S pic above) 1,690 pcs - 3.6 volt Cordless Screwdriver set with 32 screwdriver bits,
8 nut drivers, 2 drill bits, 1 1/4 adapter, 1 magnetic adapter $7.00

#6 (MVC-006S pic above) 400 12 inch LED Headlamp with AC adaper/ Car plug Adapt. $5.00
All prices are FOB Kansas City Missouri (does not include shipping charge)
Thank you Bill Houlehan 816-531-1177 www.OSheaLtd.com & www.OSheaEmergency.com

O'Shea, Ltd/ Kansas City, Missouri




tired of it!

Every month I get unsolicited/unwanted sales pitches from directv. I have written them and I have also called them asking them to stop their annnoying strategy, as it has become a nuisance since we even get those annoying letters in someone else's name. I have repeatedly told them I have no desire for a subscribtion from this enterprise; however they aggressively continue their unethical/unprofessional behavior? What else can I do to stop them from fuure harassment?

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